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Michael Enright, ChFC, RICP, CLTC

(781) 876-4137

(781) 876-4199

Michael Enright is a Financial Advisor and Planner with Baystate Financial. Mike has been in the financial services business for 30 years. The focus of Mike’s practice is providing individuals, families and business owners...

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Stephen Napier

(781) 876-4134

As a highly trained veteran of the Financial Services Industry, Steve has helped numerous clients discover effective solutions to meet their business and personal financial objectives. Steve's goal is to become a lifelong resource to...
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Michael Enright Jr.

Marketing and Business Development Manager

(781) 876-4143

Michael joined the team in August of 2019 as a Marketing and Business Development Manager. He is a 2014 graduate of Merrimack College with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Michael had his own business in 2016, designing and...

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Courtney Mello

Administrative Assistant to Michael Enright

(781) 876-4142

Courtney graduated from Susquehanna University and has worked in the financial industry for over 10 years. Courtney oversees all client related activities for Mike including calendar management and will be your point of contact...

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Beth Fuccione

Practice Investment Case Manager

(781) 876-4130

Beth is a graduate of Merrimack College and has 15 years of experience working in financial services.  Beth oversees the processing and onboarding of investment cases in the practice.

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Susan Napier

Practice Manager

(781) 876-4124

Susan joined the team to streamline internal processes within the practice and enhance our client experience. A graduate of Purdue University, Susan has extensive knowledge & experience working with corporate clients, specifically...
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Sarah Rudis

Client Service Manager for Stephen Napier

(781) 876-4156

Sarah has been working with Stephen Napier in the practice for 15 years and manages all client related service activities. A graduate of Bradford College, Sarah also oversees the Financial Planning Process in the practice and is...
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Our Extended Team of Baystate Resources

Estate & Business Planning

Herbert K. Daroff, JD*, CFP®

Herbert K. Daroff, JD*, CFP®

Financial Services Representative | Estate & Business Planning

(781) 876-4137

Alan Roycroft

Alan Roycroft

Head of Investment Development

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning